How to use?

  • charge the warmer
  • push the button
  • wait for 60 seconds: ready to use!

Charging the warmer is easy. Either charge your warmer in the yoomi pod in approx 2 mins in the microwave (700-1200 watts) using the "heat shake, heat shake" method or place the warmer in a pan of water (or steam steriliser) and boil for 30 minutes. Once charged, your warmer stays charged and is ready to use whenever you need it.

Time for a feed? Simply fill your bottle with EBM or pre-mixed formula. Assemble your bottle, press the orange button, wait 60 seconds and feed away!

yoomi is the perfect way to warm baby's feed whether you're on the go or at night. What's more the yoomi bottle combines style, comfort and convenience and is a great bottle on it's own..

Before using your yoomi please take some time to read our instruction booklet, which can also be downloaded below:

Latest yoomi Instructions Booklet

To learn more about yoomi, please refer to our frequently asked questions

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Your warmer must be recharged and cooled before every use. You may like to recharge and cool several warmers at once – that way they will be ready to use whenever you need them.

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  • You'll need to sterilise and charge your yoomi warmer before you feed your baby. If your warmer feels solid and doesn't rattle then you'll need to charge it.
  • Microwave: You can recharge your warmer in the microwave in just 2 mins. Always protect your warmer with its pod when using the microwave and stick to the times in the guidelines... don't be tempted to merge them! Remember, heat, shake... heat, shake!
  • Charging your warmers with a pod does not make it sterile. You can sterilise your charged warmer in an electric (non-microwave) steam steriliser on a regular cycle, in boiling water for 4 mins or in a cold water sterilisation solution.
  • Boiling: You can recharge several warmers at once by placing them on their side for 30 minutes in a pan of water that's kept boiling. Allow to cool before use.
  • Electric steam steriliser: You can recharge your warmers in an electric steam steriliser for 30 minutes continuously. Just use four times the amount of water the steriliser manufacturer recommends. So if they say 40ml, use 160ml instead. It's a good idea to check the manufacturer’s instructions for your steriliser.
  • yoomi warmers need a little rest before they are ready to go so leave them to cool down on their side. Either 75 minutes at room temperature or 20 minutes in a cold water sterilising tub. If you press it too soon you could permanently damage your yoomi warmer.
  • The bottle and teat can be sterilised using all conventional sterilisation methods.

keep calm, use yoomi

Time for a feed? Check out this cute animation and see how yoomi can warm your baby’s feed in just 60 seconds!

Remember, yoomi is perfect to warm expressed breast milk (ebm) and pre-mixed formula. We always follow DOH guidelines on how to prepare and store feeds.

  • warming with yoomi warming with yoomi

recharging yoomi in the microwave pod

The clever people at yoomi have developed the yoomi pod to make charging your warmers even easier. Recharge in just 2 mins by following these simple steps ....

  • recharging for first time? Find your stage 1 time recharging for first time?
    Find your stage 1 time
  • the heat shake, heat shake method the heat shake, heat shake method

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere...

Winner of four, yes four Loved By Parents Gold Awards (Best Product for Bottle Feeding (twice!), Best Innovative Feeding Product and Best Travel Invention) and selected as a Finalist in the Tots to Travel Awards, yoomi can be used anytime, anyplace, anywhere and is the most practical solution to feeding on the go.

Just click on the photographs below for some ideas on how to make the most of your yoomi.

more videos from mum Jen

Jen is mum to two boys, Eddie, aged 2 years and Ben, aged 3 months. In these quick tip guides, Jen shows us how to recharge, assemble and warm your baby's feed with yoomi.

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  • how to assemble yoomi how to assemble yoomi
  • warming with yoomi warming with yoomi

say hello to the yoomi pod

The yoomi pod introduces an impressive 2 minute recharge time using microwave technology.

  • Charging using your pod using the yoomi pod
  • warming with yoomi our recharge tips

Breastfeeding Counsellor, Clare Byam-Cook

In the videos below, the former midwife, Clare Byam-Cook shows you step-by-step, how to use your yoomi and get the most out of it. We invite you to watch and learn with Joanna, a new mum to 1 month old Lydia, who received yoomi as gift from grandma.

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