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Banish Germs with a Deep Clean!

Better protection for a healthy happy baby

When it comes to fighting bacteria, parents no longer have to compromise between speed and hygiene… the yoomi Deep Clean Electric Steriliser takes care of both!
As well as a rapid 6 minute cycle, we’ve introduced a unique deep clean cycle to ensure that parents have total peace of mind when it comes to bottle hygiene.

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It’s Daddy time…!

Becoming a new father can be daunting, but there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you and your new baby!

• Pop on a baby carrier and go for a walk. She’ll soon get used to daddy’s smell.
• Singing, walking her around, gently rocking, or feeding her, teaches her that mum isn’t the only one who can give her what she needs.
• You can definitely be the funny guy. Giving her attention like making silly faces, will make her glow with a smile and associate dad time with fun time.
• Babies love music & love to dance. Even when she’s just a few months old, turn on some music (or sing a special song) then sway her around the room for that special first dance.

Who’s ready for Father’s Day…?

Father’s Day falls on Sunday 18th June and what could be a better gift than easy night feeds with a yoomi feeding system!

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Share the magic of a warm feed in 60 seconds and spread the love using code DADDY20 at the checkout now!

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WIN with yoomi!

Baby on its way? Looking at breast pumps? Then, we have the answer! Our revolutionary 3-in-1 breast pump offers unrivalled versatility, read more…