Why Yoomi?

yoomi makes feeding time so much easier...end your night time troubles, your yoomi warmer gives you perfect breast milk temperature feed in 60 seconds.

I can take it anywhere... no more asking for hot water out and about.

yoomi can never overheat the feed... so protects the nutrients in my expressed breast milk.

It's very cost effective...yoomi can be recharged up to 300 times (no plugs, no batteries) and it stays that way until you use it.

We don't have to worry about safety... Farah and Jim created the bpa free yoomi and tested it on their own children.

It means my baby will take a bottle... yoomi bottles have a clever breast-like anti-colic teat for easy latch-on, perfect for bottle feeding, combination feeding or transitioning your baby from breast to bottle.

How to use

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Congratulations on a very clever product. I have been a health visitor for the past 15 years and this is exactly what is needed

Ann Guindi, Health Visitor and mum of 4

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yoomi is currently available in a 5oz & 8oz bottle size with slow, medium and fast flow teats.

  • warms feed in just 60 seconds
  • rechargeable warmer x 300, no plugs, no batteries
  • tested to rigorous safety standards
  • makes combining breast and bottle easier
  • use bottle alone or with the warmer
  • bpa free
  • bottles, teats and warmers are interchangeable across the range
  • charge your warmer and it stays that way until you use it
  • breast-like anti-colic teat for easy latch-on



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when you have a hungry baby on board, the self warmer is a godsend

Sally M.

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The warmer is the core of the yoomi system. When activated, it gently warms baby's feed to natural breast milk temperature in just 60 seconds.

  • warms in 60 seconds
  • rechargeable in the yoomi pod in just 2 mins and stays charged until you need it
  • recharge and sterilise at the same time in a pan of boiling water or an electric steam steriliser
  • lasts up to 300 feeds
  • stays warm for up to 1 hour
  • fits in all yoomi bottles
  • bpa free



Why Yoomi Pod Image

The new pod is brilliant! ... I love it! I’m using my yoomi a lot more now that I can recharge it so easily

Angela, mum to Cole (14mths)

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The NEW yoomi pod has been cleverly designed to recharge your warmer in just 2 mins in the microwave, making the yoomi system the ultimate time-saving, innovative and stress free way to feed your baby at home and on the go.

  • recharges the yoomi warmer in 2 minutes
  • keeps warmer clean & safe
  • doubles as a carry case
  • easy to assemble & use
  • bpa free


Easy to hold bottle

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Dad loves it, Grandma loves it, I love it! [We] think it is fab and very clever. Very convenient, we go out a lot and it saves asking for a jug of hot water

Emma P.

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The yoomi bottle has been carefully designed to create a more comforting feeding experience.

With a super soft teat for easy latch-on and effective anti-colic technology, yoomi is the ideal bottle for a more settled and contented baby.

Combined with a yoomi warmer, your yoomi bottle warms feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds... making parents lives easier at home or on the go.

  • available in 5oz and 8oz
  • bpa free
  • ergonomically designed
  • works with the yoomi warmer
  • safe & convenient


Naturally shaped teat

Why Yoomi Naturally Shaped Image

We both feel that yoomi made the transition from breast to bottle possible.

Carys J.

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The yoomi teats have been carefully designed to create a more comforting feeding experience.

The yoomi teat is made from super soft silicone for easy latch-on and features six anti-colic vents for a settled and more contented baby.

  • bpa free
  • six anti-colic vents
  • natural teat shape
  • easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
  • available in slow, medium and fast flow


supporting mums who express

Why Yoomi - Supporting Mums Who Express

your product provides a twofold solution for supporting breastfeeding... perfectly heated breast milk in a bottle for mums on the go and a great alternative for when mum needs a break or doesn’t feel confident enough to feed in public

Jay, Doula, Peterhead & Aberdeenshire

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With a specially designed breast-like, anti-colic teat, to promote easy latch-on and a clever warmer that gently returns mums expressed breast milk to perfect breast milk temperature AND makes the teat naturally warm, yoomi provides the reassurance and familiarity your baby needs to make the sometimes challenging transition from breast to bottle and back again.

  • Returns mum’s milk to breast milk temperature
  • Warms as baby drinks providing a constant temperature (just like mum)
  • Warm teat unlike standard teats
  • Natural shaped, super soft teat for easy latch-on


Yoomi mums

Yoomi Alumni

our midwife's views

Many of my new mums and dads who are out and about get in rather a panic about how to transport the milk, how to warm it up, how to store it and so on. A bottle like the yoomi, which enables one to be self-sufficient - heating it easily and rapidly in under a minute - is all you need.

Clare Byam-Cook
Former Nurse and Midwife, Independent Breast Feeding Counsellor and Author
Clare Byam-Cook